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not appear concerned that the u.s. and libyan authorities may be trailing him. >>> decades of boy scout documents previously confidential are now public record. the so-called perversion files detail thousands of cases of alleged sexual abuse by more than 1200 scout leaders and volunteers. the files cover a 20-year period from 1965 to 1985. the head of the boy scouts of america is expressing his regrets. >> there's no question that there are times in the past that these go back to 40, 50 years old, where we did not do the job that we should have. and for that, and for people -- and for that we're profoundly sorry. and i am convinced that this organization has a firm and ever-lasting deep commitment to youth protection. >> today the scouts require background checks on all volunteers. >>> federal health officials say a batch of steroids was definitely tainted with a deadly fungus. now this is a first official confirmation linking the back pain shots with a deadly meningitis outbreak. it's left 20 people dead and infected more than 250 people in 16 states. the fda is testing two more batche
with his public bombshell resignation letter will join us live this morning. he says the company is morally bankrupt. they say he's disgruntled. >>> an unbelievable feat on the diamond with three incredible home runs. pablo sandoval helps the giants tame the tigers in game one of the world series. will detroit even things up tonight? and her tv career has spanned decades. melissa joan hart will join us live to talk about her latest projects. it's thursday, october 25th, and "starting point" begins right now. >>> welcome, everybody. our "starting point" this morning, the high -stakes struggle for eight must-win swing states. the president obama and governor romney tapping into their travel budgets, both men crisscrossing the country, targeting those toss-up states that will decide this race. ohio could be the most critical. and a new time poll has the president ahead there by five points, largely on the strength of early voting in his favor. but the romney campaign has something to celebrate this morning as well. cnn shifting the state of north carolina from a toss-up to a leaning romney col
the problem. >>> plus, terrifying video. a boeing 727 crashing in the desert on purpose. joining us live, stephanie cutter, barbara comstock and brett o'donnell. "starting point" begins right now. that's why they've been preparing with their debate camps. they will be focusing broadly on all voters but in particular undecided voters who after hearing all the convention speeches and seeing the television ads are trying to make up their minds. for the president that means talking about the economy, how things are still difficult but the economy is i a much better place and heading in a much better direction. for romney it will be talking about the president's failed promises and perhaps a preview of that we saw yesterday with the help of vice president biden while he was out on the campaign trail. he was describing how middle class americans will be hurt under mitt romney. and then he sort of put -- framed their plight over the last four years this way. >> this is deadly earnest. how they can justify, how they can justify raising taxes on the middle class has been buried the last four
. and dr. sanjay gupta will join us and singer sarah brightman is our guest. our starting point is piecing together what happened in benghazi. the state department now giving a very detailed account of last month's attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi in libya. the house oversight committee will weigh in on security failings during a hearing that's happening later today. and the state department is now saying that the attack was not a spontaneous off shoot of protests. they say u.s. and libyan security personnel in benghazi were out manned, a reasonable security presence would not have fended off the assault. u.s. ambassador cyst center stevens and three other americans were killed in that attack. senior international correspondent arwa damon went to the consulate ruins to help piece together exactly what happened. >> reporter: amid the ashes, soot, and debris, remnants of the life that was. it's all that remained in the unguarded u.s. consulate compound in benghazi when cnn arrived on the scene three days after the spleptember 11th atta. eyewitnesses told us it was a complex assault.
? >> rob marciano monitoring. thanks for us. thank you, rob. let's get right to ocean city in maryland. where sandra endo has been watching things for the last 24 hours. sandra, good morning. >> good morning, soledad. we've felt constant, steady rain, and a steady wind at about 30 miles per hour here with wind gusts reaching up to 55 miles per hour at some points. and as it gets lighter you can start seeing the situation here, which is not high tide yet but you can tell those rough waves out there, those waves are fierce. and they're toppling over this protective sand dune at times, and they're starting to be flooding around the coastal property areas here. you can see it's about 100 yards from where the water line is to where the property starts here in ocean city. and that's a big concern for local residents, and local authorities here. they are going to be watching that coastal surge, the storm surge, and the tidal surge, as hurricane sandy starts pounding this area later on this evening. soledad? >> sandra endo for us this morning. thank you for that update. let's get right to geor
this morning for full debate coverage. maryland congressman chris van hollen will join us, wyoming senator john barrasso. stephanie cutter of the obama campaign. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani and comedian d.l. hughly will join us. "starting point" begins right now. morning. welcome, everybody. lots to talk about, it's the final showdown. you're looking at lynn university in boca raton, florida. in 14 hours, president obama, mitt romney, will be on that stage in those chairs, they'll be facing off for foreign policy. it will be their third and final debate. 15 days until the nation votes. and this could be shaping up to be one of the most critical events before that vote, because a new nbc/"wall street journal" poll, which was conducted after the second debate, shows the two rivals are locked in this absolute dead heat. let's get right to white house correspondent brianna keilar. she's in boca already this morning. brianna, good morning. >> hi, good morning to you, soledad. that's right. when you look at that poll, 47-47. neck and neck, that's what this is telling us. sti
john sununu is back. ken rogoff, maryland governor martin o'malley will join us, robert gibbs, senior adviser to the obama campaign and candy crowley, who moderated that debate last night is going to sit down and talk to us about that, as well. wednesday, october 17th. and "starting point" begins right now. >>> morning, welcome everybody. our starting point this morning, president obama's round two rebound. last night's showdown on long island felt nothing like the first time around. this time the president stood toe-to-toe with mitt romney. the two candidates kind of slugging it out in what was sometimes a very tense town hall-style debate. very tense considering it was a town hall-style debate. here's how the nation scored it when it was over. a cnn/orc poll of registered voters who watched the debate gave the decision to the president, 46% to 39%. who said it was mitt romney who won. senior congressional correspondent dana bash is with us this morning. who's literally gotten no sleep. three out of four voters felt that the president exceeded their expectations way different from th
congressional correspondent dana bash is with us this morning. who's literally gotten no sleep. three out of four voters felt that the president exceeded their expectations way different from the last time around. >> way different. and you and i have witnessed it, watched it together, in the room. and there's no question that the president came to play. mitt romney came to play, also, and that resulted in a crackling clash. you may think the debate in front of undeclared, persuadable voters, would produce polite performances. >> on government land -- >> no it isn't. >> reporter: think again. in at times this town hall looked like a schoolyard brawl. >> not true, governor romney. >> so how much did you cut? >> not true. >> i had a question and the question was how much did you cut them by. >> you want me to answer a question. >> reporter: if mem ran debates are about moments, one here was on libya. >> who was it that denied enhanced security and why? >> reporter: it was the question conservatives were waiting for. a chance to slam the president for lack security and changing stories on wha
won. 25% only thought the president won. cnn's dana bash joins us this morning to go over some of the hits and some of the misses. good morning. >> good morning. well, i'm here in new york, so maybe we should talk about what happens, how you get to carnegie hall, practice, practice, practice. and is that clearly is what helped the mitt romney. he spent a lot of time practicing, really for the past month doing these mock debates. and when it comes to the president, he was rusty. right out of the gate, it was clear. mitt romney came to play. >> the president has a view very similar to the view he had when he ran four years ago. that a bigger government, spending more, taxing more, regulating more. if you will, trickle-down government, would work. a >> reporter: president obama sounded a familiar alarm, warning of romney's "been there, done that" economics. >> the approach that governor romney is talking about is the same sales pitch that was made in 2001 and 2003. and we ended up with the slowest job growth in 50 years. >> reporter: but whether it was health care, jobs, or medica
e-mails detailing information about last month's deadly assault on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. according to those e-mails the white house and the state department were informed a militant islamic group had claimed credit for the attack, two hours after it began. and u.s. diplomats were providing details to officials in washington while it was happening. now, in a moment we're going to get reaction from congressman mike rogers who is the chairman of the house intelligence committee. >>> a massive document dump reveals the state of massachusetts knew about reports that necc was breaking prescription laws over the past decade. the documents show complaints from doctors and even complaints from officials in iowa, wisconsin and texas. but massachusetts failed to take tough action. necc is behind a nationwide meningitis outbreak now up to 304 cases and four other infections, including 23 deaths in 17 states. >>> a deadly shark attack off the coast of santa barbara in california. police say the victim was an expert surfer. he was riding the waves with friends off the santa barbara co
former u.s. congressman joe sestak will join us. kamau bell is our guest and former new york city mayor rudy giuliani will be joining us this morning. "starting point" is, of course, the highly anticipated rematch, the second presidential debate just a day away. the race is at tight as it gets. two brand-new polls to talk about this morning. first from "the washington post"/abc news. president has a slim three-point lead among likely voters. well within the margin of error. even closer in a politico/george washington university poll this morning, the president's lead among likely voters is just one percent which makes it a statistical dead heat. battleground states now. the poll has mitt romney ahead of the president by two points, essentially tied. while the abc/"washington post" poll shows the president with a five-point lead in the battleground states. both campaigns looking forward to the debate tomorrow night. tackling president obama's lucklaster performance, as well. listen. >> he knew when he walked up that stage, and he also knew as he's watched the tape of that debate that he'
cast in ten states across the country. cnn political editor paul steinhauser is with us this morning. paul, more and more voters get a chance to go to the polls early. why is this so important? >> it is interesting, because what happens if a big development happens in this first debate or even some of the other debates and you've already cast your ballot and you want to change your mind. too late. most of the people who are voting early in these states are die-hards. ohio starting today. they're the second battleground state to start early. iowa, christine you know something about that. so it is interesting about a third of the country voted in one way, shape or form before election day four years ago. we'll see somewhere around that this time around. >> it is where you get to see the campaign flex their muscle. >> those die-hards out to the polls. >> especially important for the obama team, get them to the election site now when they're ahead. >> exactly. glad you brought up polls because we do have some polls as you well know. we have a brand new cnn/orc national poll and 50% to 47
correspondent, susan candiotti has been following this story. first, tell us about this guy. >> well, he's only 21 years old and he looks so very young. again, a college student who came here on a student visa back in january and then the feds got on to him. they say he used things like facebook, for example. said he wanted to destroy america. said, i wanted to do something to inspire the brothers coming after me. those are his words, according to prosecutors. but he thought he was getting help from people who would be able to help him carry out this attack. turns out, they were working for the fbi. that's when they set up this elaborate sting operation. and then, once this was set in motion, they said that he is the one that selected a target, the federal reserve bank, after actually first mentioning going after president obama. but he quickly laid that aside. so this is what they are saying that he said he wanted to do, why he selected the federal reserve. quote, i came up to this conclusion, that targeting america's economy is the most efficient way to draw the path of obliteration of americ
the iranian president now seeking asylum in the u.s. why is he running? and could he have top-secret information? >>> plus, deadly new details about operation fast & furious. 57 previously undiscovered guns, now linked to that botched atf operation. >>> a packed show ahead. sean spicer, republicans committee communications director. ted strickland. emmy award winning sports caster len berman and actor cary elwes famous for his role in the princess bride. >> it is tuesday, october 2nd. as you wish, "starting point" begins right now. >> all right your starting point the countdown to tomorrow night's high-stakes presidential debates. >> you are about to look live at a stage where it will all unfold at the university of denver. there is president obama and mitt romney preparing to go face-to-face for 90 minutes with the presidency hanging in the balance. >> most americans head to the polls in five weeks. but by that time, an estimated 30% of the country will have already voted. >> early voting gets under way this morning in the battleground state of ohio, and the not so battlegrou
says the buck stops with her in the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. >> i take responsibility. i'm in charge of the state department. 60,000-plus people all over the world. >> also this morning, love your flaws. supermodel tyra banks is going to join us, telling women everywhere that they are flawsome. she's having a flawsome ball this week. also a talk with carole simpson, the first african-american presidential debate moderator. other guests, congressman steve israel from new york. debate is in his district. jen psaki with the obama campaign is going to join us and pop star mica. >> october 16th, a tuesday, "starting point" begins right now. >> morning, welcome, everybody. "starting point" this morning is the rematch. in just about 14 hours president obama, mitt romney, will square off in the second presidential debate. it's going to take place here. the debate hall on the campus of long island's hofstra university. going to be a town hall-style event, moderated by our very own candy crowley. candidates taking direct questions from a group of uncommitted voter
on this breaking news for us. good morning. >> good morning to you, soledad. that break happened just after midnight in bergen county. authorities say they're using boats and high trucks in an attempt to rescue people in the towns of carlstadt, little ferry and moonachie. we talked to the chief of little ferry police department, ralph verdi a little earlier about some of the dramatic rescues that are taking place right now. >> we've got a couple houses where low-lying areas, people were up on the second floor. they had to take them out the windows. we had several medical emergencies. we had to take from the house. put them on a vote, bring them to land that was dry enough to tie them over to medical personnel and transform them to hospital. >> been plucking people off of the rooftops, as well. in another developing story we're following this morning, about 24 homes on fire in breezy point, queens. 50 homes already burned to the ground. floodwaters and dangerous winds are keeping firefighters from getting close enough to put out those massive flames that you're taking a look at. soledad? >>
covering the story like no other network. rob marciano reporting for us, deb feyerick in new york, sandra endo and brian todd from new jersey and dan lothian is at the white house. wednesday, october 31st, "starting point" begins right now. >>> welcome back, everybody, our starting point is breaking news this morning in regents point, queens where we've soon showing you some of these pictures yesterday, that massive fire that burned 80 homes to the ground. when sandy hit new york city. cnn crew on the scene is reporting to us a strong smell of methane gas. a utility pole spontaneously burst into flames earlier this morning. officials are now assessing whether the gas levels there are excessively high in this neighborhood, and that could force those fire crews to evacuate. right now, 6.6 million people still without electricity across 15 states, and washington, d.c. nearly 2 million of them are here in new york where flooded subways has transportation at a virtual standstill. not to mention all the property damage and destruction, including those 80 homes that were consumed by that fire in
will be joining us. reince priebus is our guest. new orleans saints' quarterback drew brees will be celebrating with us this morning. and david axelrod joining us. our starting point, the high-stakes showdown in kentucky. paul ryan and joe biden fating off. it will happen in a little less than 14 hours from now. it will be the one and only vice presidential debate. you're looking at live pictures of the hall in danville, kentucky. that's where it's going to happen. new polls out to talk about. they show that the romney/ryan team is gaining ground where they need it the most, in the swing states. romney is closing the gap in ohio and pulling ahead by a point in virginia. mitt romney is in front in another swing state, colorado. let's get right to cnn's dana ba bash. she's already in kentucky with nap good morning, dana. >> reporter: good morning, soledad. well, paul ryan knows full well the pressure is on him to keep the momentum you just illustrated going. and he's actually been preparing, effectively, i'm told, since the day he was picked by mitt romney. reading, studying as much as he can. he
was born in detroit. my dad was head of a car company. i like american cars. >> complete analysis for us with ohio senator rob portman, ambassador nicolas burns and massachusetts senator john kerry. it's tuesday, october 23rd. and "starting point" begins right now. we're coming to you live from boca raton in florida. >>> good morning. welcome, everybody. we're coming to you from boca raton in florida. our "starting point" this morning, a more forceful president obama, a more measured mitt romney. last night's foreign policy debate here in florida, right here, in fact, is in the books now. and when it was over, a cnn/orc poll of debate watchers favored the president over mr. romney, 48% to 40%. let's get right to senior congressional correspondent dana bash who was watching that debate. good morning. >> good morning. look, we know this entire election year debates have really mattered. but this one was a little bit tricky because it's about foreign policy. that's not high on the priority list for voters. so each candidate really tried to make it a test of leadership. especially the presid
committee and republican congressman ted poe of the state of texas joins us this morning. monday, october 1st. "starting point" begins right now. >>> good morning, welcome everybody. our starting point this morning, crunch time in the race for the white house. just two days remain before president obama and mitt romney square off in denver for the first of three critical debates. president's being prepped in nevada today. and the gop challenger has some ground to make up because a brand-new "washington post"/abc news poll this morning has the president leading by two percentage points among likely voters. it's not unusual for candidates to try to lower expectations in the days leading up to dedebate. republicans have been playing up the president's eloquence, ever since last week. but it seems somebody forgot to tell new jersey governor chris christie, because he was setting the bar high for mr. romney. listen. >> he's going to come in wednesday night, lay out his vision for america, he's going to contrast what his view is with what the president's record is, the president's view for the fu
candiotti is live for us from bellefonte, pennsylvania. susan walk me through what he says. >> reporter: hi. it's a remarkable statement coming on the eve of the sentencing. he lays the blame at the feet of a lot of people and he's not one of them. he defiantly lashes out at police, at investigators, at penn state and, yes, even the victims. >> they could take away my life, they could make me out as a monster, they could treat me as a monster, but they can't take away my heart. in my heart i know i did not do these alleged disgusting acts. my wife has been my only sex partner and that was after marriage. >> now why would he release it at this time? there was a meeting in chambers yesterday and the judge made it clear that jerry sandusky was not allowed to criticize the system when he spoke in court at his sentencing. what's the next best thing? arrangements were made for him to make a statement and release it by a radio station. now victims will also get their chance to speak in court after jerry sandusky talks for about five to ten minutes. some of the victims will have statements read for
. >> this is the weekend to make preparations. rob marciano following for us. thank you, appreciate it. >>> another devastating story that we're following this morning, absolutely horror. a mother came home to her apartment in new york city and two of her three children had been stabbed in their manhattan bathtub. their nanny was also in a pool of blood nearby. investigators now say the nanny is the person who killed the kids and then tried to kill herself. just a few hours later a post on the mother's blog painted a very happy picture of the family. this is one of the most horrific stories and a huge why. why, what happened? >> and that's exactly the question. and the only thing you can think about this mom and this dad, right, this morning, is heartbreak. their hearts have to be broken right now. the murder of two young children allegedly by their nanny has taken parents across new york city. it has frightened many caregivers. everyone asking what caused this nanny to apparently snap and allegedly stab two children before slashing heir own throat? the children's mother, 38-year-old marina krim, r
of his speech. it goes like this, they sent us excerpts earlier. general marshall once said he is going to say, the only way human beings can win a war is to prevent it. those words were true in his time and they still echo in ours. want to get to tara walsh, the senior communications adviser for the romney campaign. nice to see you. thanks for talking with us. >> hi, soledad. good morning. absolutely. >> so we know having read some of these excerpts that have been sent out by the campaign that governor romney's going to focus on israel, he's going to focus on the palestinian territories and no big surprise, he's going to focus on iran. why don't you spell out for me exactly what governor romney's position is when it comes to iran? >> well, listen, governor romney is going to clearly spell out the choice that there is this election, particularly when it comes to foreign policy and all of the unrest that is happening in the middle east right now and how we have to address that and that is working with our allies, that is calling terrorism terrorism when we see it, that is acting boldly a
adversaries are much more willing to test us, they're more brazen in their attacks and our allies are less willing -- >> with all due respect that's a bunch of malarkey. >> reporter: the vice president appeared determined to make up for president obama's mistakes last week. almost immediately launching the attack lines obama never used in his debate. >> it shouldn't be surprising for a guy who says 47% of the american people are unwilling to take responsibility for their own lives. my neighbors, they pay more effective tax than governor romney pays in his fed cal income tax. >> reporter: before the debate, cnn was told paul ryan's team anticipated biden being aggressive where the president was not. especially on mitt romney's infamous 47% remark. >> mr. romney's a good man. >> reporter: ryan was ready with a well-practiced retort. >> with respect to that quote, i think the vice president very well knows that sometimes the words don't come out of your mouth the right way. >> i always say what i mean. >> biden's recovery plan for a demoralized democratic base was not just in what he said but
it will be about helping the 100%. >> white house correspondent brianna keilar joins from us washington, d.c., this morning. i thought it was interesting. he has just come off of a great debate performance and his campaign is completely rejuvenated. and now in a way it is like we are circling back to the 47% which, frankly the president didn't even bring up in that debate. what do you make of that? >> that's right. you know what's interesting is according to "the new york times," aides say romney wanted to correct the record during the debate but bit obama didn't bring it up so he couldn't. this is something he really wanted to distance himself from, soledad, because it has been seen as the source of a lot of problems for mitt romney in the last month. we saw polls widen between president obama and mitt romney especially in key battleground states. but make no mistake the obama campaign is not going to let him get away completely with this reversal. they have been running campaign ads with his own words in the fund-raiser and i think we are going to see them continue to hit him on the 47%
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Search Results 0 to 45 of about 46 (some duplicates have been removed)